Regional Campuses


University Life Regional Campuses proactively promotes and supports the academic, personal and professional development of students across Mason campuses and instructional sites (Mason Square Campus (Arlington), Science & Technology Campus (Prince William), Mason at Loudoun, Mason Korea, and Smithsonian-Mason School of Conversation). It does so by:

  • Facilitating curricular and co-curricular programs and services;
  • Cultivating partnerships that draw upon the unique resources of each campus in support of student success;
  • Strengthening connections with the Fairfax campus, while collaboratively and strategically supporting the unique and evolving identities of the regional campus communities; and
  • Creating a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgmental environment that affirms mutual respect, confidentiality, and accessibility;


Mason Square Campus (Arlington):
Melissa Thierry,
Sophie Gorshenin,

Science & Technology Campus (Prince William):
Michael Galvin,
Kerry Hentges,

Mason Korea Campus:
In Songdo: Yorgun Marcel,
In Fairfax: Lori Scher,

Mason at Loudoun:
On-Site: Amanda Harrison,
UL point of contact: Melissa Thierry,

Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation:
On-Site: Kristal Miller,
UL point of contact: Melissa Thierry,