UL Project and Process management contributes to the UL mission by:

  • Managing university-wide and divisional projects
  • Consulting and assisting on unit projects
  • Providing business process documentation, analysis and improvement
  • Conducting student/staff experience analysis and usability testing
  • Training units in design thinking, service design and process improvement
  • Providing Salesforce support

UL Project and Process Management also oversees the student engagement platform Mason360. For Mason360 support, please email Mason360@gmu.edu.


  • Birgit Debeerst, Director, bdebeers@gmu.edu
  • Daehan Lee, Project Coordinator/Analyst, dlee71@gmu.edu
  • Tahisha Mayfield, Project Manager, mayfie4@gmu.edu
  • Telli Morris, Assistant Director, tmorri18@gmu.edu
  • Chris Saik, Senior Applications Analyst, csaik@gmu.edu