Computer Ordering Process

This process is intended to assist in the ordering of computer equipment from CDWG. To this end we have created a custom page with common computer systems already approved for use at Mason. University Life and Auxiliary Enterprises have partnered to create a custom page for computer ordering. We have bundled common items together to ease in the ordering process.

CDWG is an approved vendor for computer orders with many options for computer configuration.

Create Account

If you do not already have an account with CDWG, you may be required to create one. Please follow their instructions to create an account so you will be able to create the needed quotes for eVA.

To create a CDWG price quote without the help of a sales representative, you will need to create a CDWG account.  If you do not see a “Quote” button in your shopping cart, you need to call CDWG and request that your newly-created CDWG account is linked to GMU’s organization account.

CDWG Ordering

You will need to create your quote from CDWG and then take this created quote and enter this into eVA.

  • To start your order please visit Mason’s customized page:
  • Click on the “Auxiliary Enterprises and University Life” subpage
    • Add items as needed to your cart
  • Once your cart is complete you can convert this to a quote
    • This done by clicking on the “Quote” button within your cart
    • You can confirm your shipping and billing information here
    • You must also add a “Quote description”

eVA Ordering

Once you have a quote in hand you can then go into eVA and create an order based on this quote

  • Log into eVA as normal.
  • Start your eVA order as normal and add a non-catalog item.
    • Enter the quote number in the description as well as the description of what was ordered
    • Select CDWG as the Supplier
    • Re-enter the quote number as the Supplier Part Number
    • Enter the total price of the quote.
  • Complete the eVA order

Completing the Order

Once the eVA order has been complete you should receive shipment information from CDWG. For question regarding orders placed with CDWG please reach out to our account representative listed on the CDWG page.

For assistance or a technology consult please reach out to the Technology Services group at